Vanguard Charitable News Which presidential candidate is most likely to pay a charitable deduction?

Which presidential candidate is most likely to pay a charitable deduction?

Charitable contributions and charitable deductions are two key parts of the American political process.

Candidates, parties, and campaigns have to make sure that all of their tax returns, including their charitable contributions, are accurate.

With presidential candidates being one of the most influential institutions in American politics, it is no surprise that they are frequently scrutinized for their charitable giving and deductions.

Here are the top three presidential candidates and their top charities, as of September 20, 2021.


Donald Trump Donald Trump is a Republican who is currently the presumptive nominee for president.

In 2016, he received a total of $39.4 million in charitable contributions and deductions from a range of foundations, organizations, corporations, and individuals, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

The 2016 Republican nominee also had an $18.2 million charitable deduction for charitable donations.

Trump’s total charitable deductions from 2005 to 2020 totaled $26.4 billion.

However, he only paid an effective tax rate of 39.4% on his charitable contributions.

While it may be hard to imagine a scenario in which Donald Trump would not be a net contributor to charity, his campaign has been criticized for not keeping a public record of how many of his charitable deductions have been used.

Additionally, a recent IRS audit found that Trump’s charitable deductions totaled $9 million in 2016, which would be an amount he could have deducted for taxes paid.

However with the election approaching, Trump has pledged to be more transparent about his charitable giving.


Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee and the first female candidate to be elected to the White House.

She has been the nation’s first female president since 2000 and served as a U.S. Senator for New York and as Secretary of State.

She is a former senator from New York, a former First Lady, and has been a candidate for President three times.

The Clintons have raised over $200 million for charities, and donated over $100 million for scholarships and other charitable causes.

Additionally with a combined net worth of $2.6 billion, Hillary Clinton has been one of our nation’s wealthiest people.

However as of December 20, 2020, she had only a net worth as of $3.9 billion.

Clinton is also a registered lobbyist for the Democratic National Committee and is the chair of Hillary for America.

However in 2019, the Clinton Foundation raised just $14 million from more than a dozen donors, meaning that the charity was not a net donor to the Clinton presidential campaign.


Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed democratic socialist and is running for president as an independent.

The Vermont Senator and independent candidate for president is also one of only two people in American history to have a total net worth surpass $5 billion.

Sanders is the only Democratic candidate in U. S. history to be a presidential candidate.

Sanders received over $20 million in donations from individual donors and corporations, totaling more than $27 million in contributions during his entire political career.

Sanders has also been an active advocate for reducing the size of the federal government and has consistently made his political contributions to political causes that support the progressive agenda.

He has also taken several stances that have been at odds with the Democratic party.

During his tenure as President, Sanders signed into law the Affordable Care Act, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act, and the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act.

Sanders’ political stances have often caused some Democrats to question his sincerity in running for President, but the fact remains that he has proven himself to be an effective and principled politician.

His net worth currently sits at a little over $5.6 million.


Ben Carson Ben Carson is the former Republican presidential candidate and is currently a physician in the United States Air Force.

He was a four-term congressman from Georgia from 2006 to 2017.

During that time, Carson served as the House speaker and served on the Appropriations Committee, which included the House Budget Committee.

Carson was a vocal proponent of the Affordable Health Care Act and signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Services Act into law in May 2020.

Carson’s net worth is currently valued at just over $1 billion.


Donald J. Trump Donald J, Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee for President and has a net wealth of $10.7 billion.

Trump is considered to be the Republican Party’s frontrunner and has won the nomination for President in four of the five presidential primaries that have taken place since the 2020 election.

He is a billionaire real estate developer and the co-founder of Trump Tower and Trump Plaza in New York City.

Trump received over half of his fortune through a variety of investments, including his businesses in various countries, real estate, and casinos.

He also is a vocal supporter of the Confederate flag, and in 2018, he removed the Confederate flags from the New York skyline.

Trump has also made his charitable donations and deductions public