Vanguard Charitable News How to donate to the Cali Charitable Foundation (CFF)

How to donate to the Cali Charitable Foundation (CFF)

By Kunal Thakkar | India, California – California charitable registration has been suspended for one year after the Calgarian Chamber of Commerce (CC) voted in favour of a motion to revoke the registration of the Charitable Definition Unit, a nonprofit organisation that is registered in the US state of California.

According to the California Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the CFF is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation, which means that it is not required to disclose its donors to the IRS.

The CAHC, which is part of the California State Association of Counties, said the decision to revoke Charitable Definitions Unit’s registration was made by the CAHC board of directors in its annual meeting on December 6.

The CFF had earlier filed a motion for a declaration of invalidity, which was dismissed by the US Supreme Court in January 2018.

A letter from the CAHCC to the CAHTC in the California state records on December 8 said the board of the CCC had voted to revoke CFF’s registration.

The decision to suspend the registration has raised questions as to whether the Cffs donors and activities will continue in California.

A spokesperson for the California Charities Commission said the suspension of CFFs charitable status is based on the lack of a sufficient foundation for the organization to continue its charitable activities.

The California Chamber has argued that the CAHS is the only entity that can revoke a charity’s charitable status.

The Cali Chamber of Commision in a statement on Monday said that it was not the CAHRs decision but rather that of the CAFH and therefore the CAC’s decision is null and void.”CFF is not the only organisation with which the CACHC can revoke charitable status and it is the CACHO’s decision that this does not apply to CFF,” the statement read.