Vanguard Charitable Rates SNS Charity Trust, Amazon, Amazon India launch charitable Giving Back initiative

SNS Charity Trust, Amazon, Amazon India launch charitable Giving Back initiative

By K. Sivapati, BusinessLineSriLankaNews.comToday, the SNS Foundation (SNS) has launched a new charitable trust to provide grants to individuals, companies, and institutions who share the desire to help in the fight against climate change.SNS CharityTrust, or SAF, is a subsidiary of, Inc. (AMZN) through which SNS grants will be distributed to charitable foundations through Amazon’s online charitable giving platform, the Amazon Giving Back, where individuals, organizations and institutions can connect with others in the world to help meet the global climate challenge.

The Amazon Giving back platform, as the name implies, provides a direct platform to connect individuals, small business owners, and philanthropists, to donate through the Amazon marketplace and through a variety of social media channels to support and promote the climate challenge, which is also known as the Global Climate Action Challenge.

As per the AmazonGiving Back website, SAF will be a partner of the Sustainability Fund (SFF), a charity that provides grants for the global environment.SFF is a global non-profit organization, which works in partnership with NGOs and charitable organizations to address the environmental challenges of poverty and hunger in developing countries.

SAF has also been awarded SFF’s ‘First-Ever’ Award for a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The charitable trust will be launched in partnership between the SFF and SNS, which will serve as a foundation for further philanthropic endeavors to promote global environmental sustainability and support the development of effective climate change mitigation strategies and mitigation technologies.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Amazon to build a new philanthropic foundation with the support of SFF to help empower the community and provide solutions to the global environmental crisis,” said Sivaraj Nair, SNS CEO.

“Through our philanthropic trust, Amazon will support the Saffron Alliance’s efforts to fight the threat of climate change and its impact on the world.”

The SFF has also invested in the SAF Foundation and will invest up to $1 million in the foundation, which was created in May 2017 by SNS founder, Rishi Narain.

“I am delighted to have the Safron Alliance and SFF work together in this way to fight climate change,” said Narain, adding that the alliance is working to build partnerships with over 150 companies to help combat climate change in the field of climate mitigation.

In addition to the Amazon Foundation, the SAFs charitable trust has also announced a $100 million fund to support projects related to the Global Health and Nutrition (GHN) and the Global Food Security (GFS) agenda.

Safron will also partner with the SNN Foundation to promote sustainable agriculture, agroecology, and other sustainable technologies through a program in partnership for the purposes of accelerating and strengthening food security and nutrition, with the objective of creating an eco-system for sustainable food production and food security for the benefit of all.

“The AmazonGiving back platform is a vital component in our global climate solutions,” said Dr. Jyotiraj Kumar, CEO of the SAFF Foundation.

“It is the first-ever foundation created to support climate change prevention and mitigation efforts, and we are proud to be a part of this unique partnership.”

The Amazon Foundation will also support the Global Development Partnership’s (GDPP) ‘Towards a Sustainable Global Economy’ initiative, with a focus on sustainable agriculture and agroforestry and other green technologies.

SFF is also a partner in GDPP.

The SAFF is now a fully integrated part of the Global Giving back Alliance, with over 40 companies that have signed up for grants, and its philanthropic grant will be used to create a range of solutions and services.