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What’s next for David and Goliath? (and more)

On May 10, the world’s top-selling scripted show, American Idol, will return for its fifth season.

And the show’s star, Goliath, is back in action, this time on CBS, where the series returns for a ninth season.

What does this mean for David, Goliaths life, and what will the future hold for this legendary family?

Read MoreThe story behind David and his parents David and Joanne David, left, and Joanna (L) in 1989 (Courtesy of David Lynch)The show has a long and complicated history, starting when the couple of David Lynch and Lennon Lynch (whose father was David Lynch) bought the show in 1987.

The show was a huge hit, spawning a slew of spinoffs and spin-offs and, in 1996, Lynch and Lynch family patriarch Bobbie Lynch (played by David Lynch himself) purchased the show and renamed it Twin Peaks.

Lynch’s father, David, was an actor and director, and his brother, Bobbie, was a producer.

The pair also owned the music video business, Lynch Records, which had recorded many of Lynch’s films.

In fact, the first episode of the show aired in 1988.

Lynch started out in the film industry with his brother.

But in 1991, the family moved to Los Angeles, where Lynch went on to work on several TV series including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Arrested Development.

Lynch’s first major TV role came as a producer on the HBO series Law & Order: Criminal Intent, which aired from 1990-1992.

Lynk has worked with some of the biggest names in film, TV, and music.

In 2001, Lynch directed the hit film Love Actually, which starred Daniel Day-Lewis and is considered one of the greatest movies ever made.

In 2011, Lynch teamed up with the director of the acclaimed sci-fi thriller Interstellar to create a TV series called Twin Peaks: The Return.

In the wake of the massive success of The Fresh Princess of Bel Air, Lynch began working on Twin Peaks as an independent filmmaker.

Lynch had originally wanted to do a pilot for a series of Twin Peaks episodes called Twin Peak: The Last Witch Hunter, but the project never went forward due to budgetary restraints.

In 2014, Lynch returned to TV with his fourth series, the Showtime series Twin Peaks, which has now been renewed for a fifth season and has already won several awards.

Twin Peaks’ seventh and final season is set to premiere on May 24, 2019.