Vanguard Charitable Charity Why Australia needs a new charity: ‘People are tired of being ripped off’

Why Australia needs a new charity: ‘People are tired of being ripped off’

A group of donors has launched a new campaign that is hoping to raise $20 million in order to help people suffering from the coronavirus.

Key points:The $20m will be split equally between the ABC, Commonwealth Bank and a community groupIt is hoped that it will give Australians a better understanding of the true cost of the pandemicThe money will be used to set up a new charitable trust to raise money for the people of Australia, which will be managed by the ABC and the Commonwealth Bank.

The new initiative, called Charitable Torrents, has already received $5.5 million from a crowdfunding campaign and $2.2 million from an Australian Chamber of Commerce foundation.

It is aimed at helping the Australian public understand the true costs of the coronivirus pandemic, with a focus on providing information about what they can do to help those affected by the pandemics.

The ABC has already established a fund to provide assistance for Australians with personal and household financial issues, including the ABC’s Christmas fund, the Commonwealth’s National Community Health Fund and the Victorian Government’s Victoria Lifeline.

The money is being used to establish a new trust to administer the ABC Charity Trust.

Charitable Torrent: Why Australians need a new oneCharitableTorrent is a new organisation to be set up to address the growing gap in the funding of charities.

Charities are currently operating on a much smaller scale, largely because they are limited to receiving donations from the public and cannot rely on donations from private donors.

Charismatic organisations like the ABC are also struggling with the issue of financial sustainability and they have also struggled to reach an agreement with the Federal Government on how to pay for new broadcasting licences.

The current government has already decided to scrap a $1 billion plan to create a national radio network, which was the first in the country to be approved by the Federal Parliament in 2018.

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