Vanguard Charitable Rates How to raise money for the Kansas charity that can’t raise money itself

How to raise money for the Kansas charity that can’t raise money itself

Fox News’ Adam Housley reports that in a recent interview with the Kansas Charities and Community Foundation, the foundation’s chief executive officer, Dr. John Stauffer, said he is hopeful that the organization’s new donors will be able to make a contribution.

But he added that he is not convinced it is going to be enough.

“I think we have to get more people to make an appointment with us to give, and I think that’s a pretty hard thing to do when you have an organization that doesn’t have a donor base that is in a position to give,” Stauffer said.

Stauffer added that, with the influx of new donors, the KCCF will be more able to meet its goal of raising $500,000 to support a program for children who were formerly in foster care and their families.

The foundation was established in 2011 by a Kansas State University graduate student, James Pyle, to support children in need of immediate and long-term care, with an emphasis on youth.

The Kansas Charters of Kansas will receive the funds to fund the children’s programs.

Stausffer told the Kansas City Star that he hopes that the new donors are able to “get out there and give and make a meaningful contribution.”

The Kansas Charter’s Board of Directors is scheduled to meet Friday at the Staufers home to discuss the foundation and the state of its fundraising efforts.