Vanguard Charitable Charity $1.6bn in tax-deductible donations to charity: Michigan, Ohio report

$1.6bn in tax-deductible donations to charity: Michigan, Ohio report

MIAMI – A charity group in Michigan says its annual income and expenses surpassed the $1 billion mark for the first time, making it the largest charitable gaming group in the U.S. and one of the biggest in the country.

Charitable Gaming USA, which runs games and events in Michigan and Ohio, said in a report released Wednesday that it had collected $1,766,928 in tax credits from the state of Michigan.

Charitable Gaming, which has a nonprofit status in Michigan, reported that it reported income of $1 million for the year ended Sept. 30.

In fiscal year 2018, Charitable Game reported $859,908 in income from charitable gaming activities, and a $7,500 deduction on its taxes, the group said.

Charities have struggled to compete with the lucrative gaming industry, which is the most profitable in the United States, even though there are more than 2 million gaming professionals in the state, according to the U-S.

Census Bureau.

Michigan has a state-run lottery, with the proceeds benefiting charities.

In the past two years, the state has donated $1 and $2 million, respectively, to charities.

Ohio has a lottery for charitable gaming in which players can win cash prizes.

Charites in the Buckeye State have donated $3.6 million, or 16.5 percent of its total annual income, to the state and another $1 in tax deductions, the report said.