Vanguard Charitable FAQ Rockford charity registration raises $20 million

Rockford charity registration raises $20 million


— Rockford, Calif., and Calgarian Mountain Charitable Fund raised $20.5 million in the second quarter to help provide assistance to families affected by wildfires in western California.

The foundation is among several organizations in California that have raised millions of dollars through the Calgary Foundation, which helps provide financial assistance to needy families in the Western U.S.

The foundation said its second quarter was “a very successful quarter” and said it will continue to work to help families through wildfire relief.

Rockfords foundation was started in 2001 by a group of donors to the family of former U.N. Ambassador John B. Bresnik, according to the nonprofit.

The California foundation’s contribution to the CalGary Foundation came in a $3.3 million contribution in the first quarter.