Vanguard Charitable FAQ When you donate a lot, you’re likely to be eligible for a $1.5 million prize

When you donate a lot, you’re likely to be eligible for a $1.5 million prize

The most charitable countries in the world are also the most generous when it comes to giving, according to a new study by The Times of India.

The study found that the most charitable country was Japan, which gave the highest percentage of its GDP to charity, with just over 15% of the country’s budget spent on charitable causes.

In contrast, the United States ranked eighth, with less than 7%.

India ranked first in the most philanthropic countries.

The country has the highest ratio of people living below the poverty line, according the report.

India is ranked fourth in the global list of the most effective countries to give back.

It’s followed by Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden.

In the study, researchers examined data from more than 1,000 charities and organisations in 26 countries, including the United Kingdom, France, the U.S., Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden, and collected a list of its top charities.

The Times of Indian, which launched the initiative, said the list is based on the “highest-quality data”.

India’s overall charitable sector contributed 6.3% of total GDP to the country, the study found, which is about $3.6 trillion, or about $8,700 per person.

The figure is a little lower than the average of 10 countries that ranked in the top 10.

The top 5 charities in India, according.

Times of Indias data are:1.

The Kala Ghoda Foundation, based in the Udaipur area of India2.

The Bharti Airtel Foundation3.

The World Vision Foundation4.

The Charities for the Blind and the Deaf in India5.

The Udaas Charitable Foundation for children and women in India