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How to be a better philanthropist

By Ryan GallagherThe American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is now raising money to help fund a national campaign to reduce suicides.

The foundation announced on Wednesday that it is raising $20 million to launch the Campaign for a Better Future.

That’s the first step in the campaign to raise the money needed to make sure that the foundation’s suicide prevention programs are able to offer a safe and supportive environment for people with mental health challenges, such as substance abuse, as well as to support those who have attempted suicide, the Foundation said in a news release.

“The foundation will continue to work with state and local officials and advocacy groups to make a difference,” the foundation said.

“As the nation’s leading suicide prevention organization, our support for a more supportive environment and the advocacy that we offer are essential to ending the crisis.”

The Foundation’s campaign is an effort to educate people on suicide prevention, suicide prevention and mental health.

The Foundation is also helping to coordinate national suicide prevention efforts and provide support for local and state suicide prevention agencies.

In addition to the campaign, the foundation is helping local suicide prevention organizations to develop their suicide prevention strategies.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has also joined the campaign.