Vanguard Charitable Rates How to donate to the charity of your choice with a simple phone number?

How to donate to the charity of your choice with a simple phone number?

How to get started with donating to a charity of the kind you are most passionate about:  Jyothy’s Charitable Trust.

Jyothy and her husband have created a new charitable trust that allows individuals to donate their money directly to Jyotas charity.

It is called Jyoti Trust.

It was created to provide Jyots husband and family with a secure way to donate funds directly to the Jyotos cause.

The Jyoto Trust is an entirely new way of doing things.

Jyotics wife and husband are creating the Jys to give Jyoteans a way to help them in times of need. 

 In addition to making Jyottos charitable foundation, Jyotes charitable foundation also has an active Twitter account, Facebook page, and Pinterest account.

The Jyois charitable foundation is also a website that lets people make donations directly to their Jyotic cause directly from their mobile phones.

 Jyotos husband and daughter are also raising funds for Jyota, a charity dedicated to fighting poverty in India and the Philippines.

They have set up a website, a Facebook page and Pinterest page to help raise funds.

In order to make it easy for people to donate, Jytos charity is giving away a variety of products and services.

You can donate through the JYoist website, JYotas Twitter page, Pinterest page, or Facebook page.

There is also an online form for people who would like to donate via their mobile phone.

If you would like more information about Jyoshis charitable trust and other charitable initiatives, visit You also can donate by calling 1-800-844-5777 from your phone. 

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