Vanguard Charitable News Caseys Charity Giving Fund to Expand Coverage

Caseys Charity Giving Fund to Expand Coverage

Caseys Health Systems, Inc. announced Wednesday that it is expanding coverage of its Charitable Giving Program to cover the entire state of Ohio.

The expansion will allow Charitable Givers to donate more to charity through Caseys Giving Foundation and to receive a larger selection of grants and scholarships.

Caseys’ Charitable Gifts program will also provide additional assistance to those with chronic conditions, including those with ALS and HIV/AIDS.

The program has been in place for more than a decade and has seen a significant increase in support from donors.

According to the Charitable Foundation, in 2014-15, the Charities Giving Program received $5.7 million from individuals, organizations and foundations.

“This is the largest expansion in the program’s history and we’re thrilled to have such a positive impact on our community,” said Caseys President and CEO David Pendergrast.

“Our commitment to making sure our generous donors have access to the best health care options and treatments for their families is second to none.”

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