Vanguard Charitable News How to give back to Vanguard charities

How to give back to Vanguard charities

Vanguard, the charity arm of Berkshire Hathaway, has released a series of video guides on how to donate to the charity’s charities.

The first video, “Giving Back to Vanguard,” shows how to use the Vanguard app to donate and to donate through an online account, which makes it easier to track your contributions.

Next, “The Vanguard Way: Giving Back to the Community,” shows the importance of investing in local businesses, which has been a focus of Vanguard.

Lastly, “Making the Difference: Vanguard’s Community Engagement Program,” shows what it takes to reach out to people of all ages, backgrounds, and social identities.

The videos will be available for viewing from Sept. 15.