MMM Bangladesh Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox

The idea of creating MMM started in Russia as an instrument of mutual aid, benefit and support of people that have no protection in our societies.

What is the core of MMM System? The participants are giving away their money for different periods of time (for example: for 1 month or 3 months deposits). By doing this they are giving aid or providing help to other participants. That is how they are making their deposits (until they want to withdraw it or for a specified period of time). Such help (or deposits) grow with the certain rate of 30%-55% per months. All these transactions are automatically calculated and displayed in the private accounts of the MMM participants.

Where do these 30%-55% come from? Such rate of growth is possible to pay due to the advertising efforts, as well as recruitment of new participants by MMM managers. Also, people are spreading the news about MMM to each other directly. The number of people that are entering MMM System, want to give help and make their deposits is growing in geometrical progression. This process is increasing the total amount of money inside MMM System for more than 100% per month!

The experience shows that Mutual Benefit Funds can pay such great bonuses due to their marketing activities. Also, it is influenced in a good way by the demand, simplicity and comfort of using the MMM System. There are big differences between MMM and MLM companies ( Therefore, the MMM network can cover the whole countries and large territories in a matter of a few months. In Russia during just 1,5 year more then 35 million people joined the MMM System! There is not a single company in the world that has this kind of great statistics. So, do not waste your time! MMM Systems now is entering Bangladesh and you have your chance to be among the FIRST Leaders in your country.

The official guarantees of MMM System. There are no such official guarantees.

MMM System is the financial pyramid, structured the same way like all modern banks, insurance companies, pension funds, which are protected through the legal system of laws and courts by the Governments. They are distributing the wealth and natural resources unequally in our societies. In fact, they all DO NOT HAVE ANY GUARANTEES either. Banks are becoming bankrupt very often, the insurance companies close down etc. All these financial institutions are paying money to people from the money that has been collected earlier from other people. The huge percentages of profit are being collected and kept by the owners of these financial institutions. They are hiding this truth and keep lying to people. MMM is talking honestly and openly about it.

MMM is very different with the existing financial system at one important issue. All the money in MMM is left inside the system and is distributed among the participants of MMM! Of course the banks and other modern financial institutions are not going to like this. It's not the banks themselves, but the people who are behind all this financial system. They are so called “the Masters of money”. These Masters of money want to produce money only by themselves, as any monopolists do. Therefore, they are fighting against financial pyramids around the world.

However, the MMM concept is very different from any of the existing financial institutions. The guarantee of the MMM System is the trust among its participants. It's the same way like you trust to the person that you know for many years. You may help him and lend your money (or just add a certain amount) for example for 3 months if he wants to buy a car. The same way MMM participants trust their money to other MMM participants for 3 months. This is an example of the 3 months deposit. The difference here is that the number of MMM participants increase rapidly, therefore the amount of “free money” is increasing very fast. That is why the help that is being provided by other MMM participants is 30%-55% larger. MMM stimulates its participants to invite new members and this process is working very well.


MMM is 100% legal System. All the deposits are being transferred among the ordinary people as gifts to each other. And gifts are legal in all countries in the world! The main thing is to understand that you are providing a real help to someone and you are doing it from your heart using the money that is “free” for you at the moment. You should consider it like exactly the same way as if you are helping someone in front of you who really needs your help. This is how MMM unites people and teach them how to help each other!

Due to its simplicity of the main idea in MMM, the easy implementation and huge demand the network of MMM is literally taking over the different cities and countries. MMM unites people, teach them how to trust and help each other! We are in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, CIS, Europe, Israel, Egypt, South Africa, USA. Now we are starting up in Bangladesh and South America! Just imagine, how fast MMM is taking over the world! People gets paid all over the world! The main website of MMM ( beats all the possible records (

Our world is standing in font of positive global changes!

Join us and become those who change the reality towards THE BRIGHT FUTURE!