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Subject: MAVRODIANS - We are waiting for your photos, video reports, testimonies etc. The best will be posted in MAVRODIANS section of the web-site.

Subject: HELP COUNTRY - You will need to provide receipts if you already gave help to our country and paid tax. You can bedaub confidential information and keep only your name, name of Tax Department and amount.

Subject: ONLINE - For those who are ready to consult people on-line and who want to become a moderator (Admin) of our Forum as per region.

Subject: FRAUD - Fake slip/no slip/ wrong slip is attached, no confirmation within 48 hours.

Subject: Technical error - make screenshot and write in detail how and where the problem occurs and write your ID. We'll fix it fast!

Subject: CHARITY - If you are interested- you are highly welcome to organize MMM events in your region.

Subject: BLOG - We will be glad to add links of your personal blogs in the CONTACTS section of the web-site.



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Date: 2014-06-10