The proceedings described below are not the rules as we usually understand them (to remind you that there are no rules as such in the System!).These are just some free advices or you can say algorithm about how to proceed. By strictly following these advices the participants of the System will be able to achieve benefits up to 30%, or even up to 55% of compounding interest monthly.

MAVRO is MMM virtual currency. Basically it is nothing more than an abstract calculating unit. Just like regular currencies (USD, Euro and others) MAVRO has 2 different “exchange rates”. One of them is for “selling” and the other one is for “buying”. Each participant can “sell” or “buy” MAVRO according to the “rates” whenever he/she wants to. “Purchase” and “sale” of MAVRO are carried out by special automatic software on the official website. These “rates” would be established personally by Mr. SERGEY MAVRODI.

Twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays these rates would be increased on continuous basis. The rates of growth of MAVRO would be: 30% (for one month and more) and 55% per month (for deposits of 3 months). You MUST know this! 30% of compounding interest makes your deposit grow in 23,3 times per year!!!..

For example: 10 000 000-30 000 000 IDR deposits will grow with 20% of monthly interest. 30 000 000 IDR and further will grow at rate of 15%-10% of monthly interest.
A participant can do as much investments as he/she wants to. There are no limits. But also, it is NOT obligatory to buy MAVRO each time (for example once a week, month, or year etc.)
The System consists of two main buttons: GIVE HELP (Buy MAVRO) and GET HELP (Sell MAVRO). The moment you register, you press the GIVE HELP button, which means you agree to transfer your money in order to confirm your 30%-55% MAVRO. When you want to sell all or just a portion of your MAVRO you press the GET HELP button.
ATTENTION!!! Once you register it is compulsory for you to press the GIVE HELP button. If it is not done in one month you will be blocked out of the System automatically.
Requests for transfer of amount from your account may be requested in partial amounts or the total sum. First the System calculates the amount of requests for payments (GET HELP button). And then, as per these calculations it will send request for transfers RANDOMLY to the participants (GIVE HELP button). A request for transfer may or may not occur within a month. It is indeed a random sampling system.

Your Mavro deposits are considered to be confirmed:
  • When you buy Mavro and link your Bank Account to the System. When you transfer minimum of 50% of amount deposited to another participant.
  • When you buy Mavro BY CASH. It means you transfer full 100% amount deposited to another participant.
  • When your Mavro deposits are released:
    • 30% Mavro are released after 1 month from the date of purchase of Mavro;
    • 55% Mavro are released after 3 months from the date of purchase of Mavro.

ATTENTION!!! As per the request of the System, a participant MUST transfer money WITHIN 48 HOURS (or more if he gets such request on a weekend or a holiday). This money transfer must be made from his personal account to the account of another participant. In case the participant refuses to transfer the money as per the System’s request, this particular participant will AUTOMATICALLY be removed from the System. (NO RISK! All your money are still deposited with you on your bank account).
Starting from 16th September, 2012 all managers MUST link their Bank Account to the System. Participants who want to be a manager MUST have bank accounts to link to the System and only then request to Upline to become a manager.
ATTENTION!!! After you link your Bank Account to the System you CANNOT make any other transactions within this account, except transactions concerned to MMM. For transferring the funds you can use either NEFT or online banking. You MUST provide the screenshot of online banking or scan of your bank statement within 24 hours as per request of CRO.
Participants MUST link Bank Account from the second Purchase of Mavro. ONLY if you Buy Mavro for the first time you can choose BY CASH option. Managers MUST control the buy Mavro procedure and check if their participants have linked the Bank Account.

ATTENTION!!! For any violations proved by CRO or refusal to provide documents requested by CRO, you will be immediately and permanently deleted from the System.

There are basically two types of bonuses: Referral bonuses and Manager’s bonuses.
  • Referral bonus is a bonus which a participant (as well as a manager) will receive for each new participant he/she introduces to the System. Referral bonus is 10% on the first deposit of referral and 10% on the all next deposits. (But Only on NEW money.)
  • Manager bonus is a bonus given to the managers in appreciation for the work with their participants. This includes the development of his/her structure, organization of conferences, travel expenses, advertising, communication, Internet etc.
Now Ten’s manager (first line) bonus is 3%. Hundred’s manager (second line) bonus is 1%. Thousand’s manager (third line) bonus is 0,5%. Ten thousand’s manager (fourth line) bonus is 0,25%. All the rest managers will receive 0,1%.
  • 1st Level- 5%
  • 2nd Level- 1%
  • 3rd Level- 0,5%
  • 4th Level- 0.25%
  • 5th Level- 0.1%
  • 6th Level onwards- 0.1%

1) Referral and manager bonuses are given on full amount deposited by referral/ participant, but only AFTER confirmation of deposit. Bonuses will be not frozen and you can request to withdraw them the same date MAVRO is confirmed and released.
2) Referral and manager bonuses are given each and every time a participant/ referral deposits any sum of amount, BUT ONLY on “new money” deposited.
3) Bonuses are not growing after calculation. You have to first withdraw them, and then Buy Mavro again.