The appointment of a participant to become a manager depends SOLELY on his upline manager. The upline manager is required to test the capabilities of the candidate and make sure he is suitable for the position selected. The upline manager will take FULL responsibility for all the actions of the manager appointed by him.

  • He must learn and abide the “Rules” on the website and browse the site every day;
  • He must have a personal computer, install and have an account in Skype and also know how to use it;
  • He must be able to answer any questions about the Rules questioned by his upline manager;
  • He must send the scan of ID proof to his upline manager;
  • He must be in position to always take responsibility of his downline.

A manager has an active role in MMM. He is a person who is responsible to control and guide his team. His primary duty is to consult and register new participants. Also he should assist the participants who wish to GIVE HELP or GET HELP. The manager is responsible to his upline manager about his team.
A manager must be aware about all the activities and updates going on in MMM. He should be well versed about how the system works, how to register new participants, how to be able to use online banking. He should know about the referral and management bonuses, as well as, keep a daily watch on the official web-site
A manager can have only one structure under him. For example, the ten’s manager cannot be both a ten’s manager and a hundred’s or thousand’s manager. He is either ten’s manager, or hundred’s manager or thousand’s manager.

All managers are required to execute any order given by the Administrator without any undue delay. The Administrator in Bangladesh has been appointed personally by Mr. SERGEY MAVRODI.

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