In case of mass panic the mode of calmness will be applied to the MMM System.

What does it mean? All payments will be stopped during this period. All people interested in “buying” MAVRO will be able to purchase it and will get extra bonus. One week is usually enough to calm the people and all returns to the normal interactions. Panic consists of spontaneous emotions of human nature. MMM should avoid panic by all means.

As a rule it is necessary to suppress the first wave of panic to avoid allowing it to grow more and get stronger.

Anyway, all payments will recommence at some time and the System MMM Indonesia will continue working normally. As all the money is being allocated at different personal accounts of members, nobody will be able to close the System. You should always remember though that often there is a parasitizing authoritie`s influence. However, we are already united so we`ll be able to accumulate and get stronger with our System!

Please check Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab of our webpage and you will know more!