What is MMM?

The System MMMMavrodi Mondial Moneybox” – is the first Social Financial Network.

We cannot call Social Financial Network MMM Indonesia neither an organization nor a company. What is it then? It is a social community of like-minded people. The main source of information in MMM Indonesia is only one. It is the official web-site of Mr. Sergei Panteleevich Mavrodi (www.sergey-mavrodi.com).

Now let us make some important things clear. Social Financial Network MMM Indonesia does not provide any financial services. All transactions that occur in MMM are in confidence between participants without any promises or any kind of guarantees.

For the participants of MMM Indonesia it is very important to know that this social financial network is structured as a financial pyramid. Participants of social financial network MMM Indonesia share money with each other voluntarily.

We all know that love and friendship cannot be controlled by laws or any kind of regulations. The same way trust in the financial relations between the participants of MMM Indonesia does not follow the laws for any financial institutions.

MMM motto: Together We Can Do A Lot! We Are Changing The World!

Today you GIVE HELP. Tomorrow you will GET HELP! The structure of MMM Indonesia is simple and transparent!

In terms of legislation MMM Indonesia is just an idea of completely new financial relationship among the people. It is just an innovative concept and nothing more. People have the right to exchange their money with other people. There are no offices. There are no sales centers. There are no cash payments. It is just an innovative idea which was created by Mr. SERGEY MAVRODI. Now this idea has been accepted by approximately 35 million people all over the world.

Based on this idea “Together We Can Do a Lot!” people help each other without any conditions or promises. The participants are ready to help each other based on simple trust. They are willing to support the development of this idea that will spread vision of financial freedom across the globe. Most of the participants join this System only for gaining a lot of money. However, later on most of them realize the whole idea of the financial apocalypse. They want to change the current situation in the world where the money is spread among people very unfairly. Step by step the same people start to influence and actively develop the System.

In MMM Indonesia there is no income from any external investments. Well, there are not any investments at all! The participants just pay the benefits from one to the other, from their own funds, that’s all. You can lose everything at anytime because there are plenty of risks. So, it’s up to you whether you get involved or not.

How does MMM Indonesia work??? And again it is all very simple. MMM Indonesia is based on the basic right of all people: the right of personally to decide how to invest their own personal financial funds.

That is just one reason why MMM is neither an organization nor any form of legal entity. It is a simple idea that brings people together and helps them to achieve their financial goals.

MMM Indonesia is like a huge drawer in which people put money and then take it out when they need to. For example, you put in 2,000,000 IDR and want to take out 5,000,000 IDR. There is no problem with this. You can do it. It is enough to have some regular money in it (everyday people put in more and more money). It would be a problem only in the case if all participants want to take money at the same time. But in practice such a situation will not occur. So do not panic! Be calm and everything will be alright!

Remember! MMM Indonesia – this is not a bank, not an insurance company and not a pension fund! MMM Indonesia is an idea evolved to unite people and to help them co-reach their financial goals by voluntarily helping each other! In MMM Indonesia people help each other and transfer money to each other only voluntarily without any warranty or liability!

You register and join the System. Then for “buy” MAVRO you need to press the button GIVE HELP. You tell all your friends about this System and watch how your MAVRO will continue growing in “value” at the rate of up to 55% per month. Do you want to “sell” all your MAVRO or just a part of it? The value of Mavro is growing with the time, so you will sell Mavro at the new higher value with no problem! You can do it! “Sell” as much money as you want! To “sell’ MAVRO you just press the button which says GET HELP. The System will find the participant who is willing to GIVE HELP. He will transfer you an amount that is bigger than you originally deposited. As you can see, everything is simple, clear and understandable. By the way, 30% per month it is increasing your amount about 23.3 times per year. Approximately, of course.

Participants are helped to work in MMM Indonesia by their Ten’s Managers, who in fact control their own teams of ten people and more. Over the Ten’s Manager is a Hundred’s Manager. Over the Hundred’s Manager is a Thousand’s Manager. Over the Thousand’s Manager is a Ten Thousand’s Manager and so on. And above everyone is Administrator in Indonesia who is appointed personally by Mr. SERGEY MAVRODI.

There is a special department called MMM-CRO which is The Department of Control And Audit. This group of people have a special role in the MMM System. Their power extends to all participants. They monitor the integrity and honesty of all participants as well as managers in all structures of MMM Indonesia in Indonesia. The orders of CRO must be carried out on strictly basis by everyone (absolutely everyone!).

Modern technology guarantees the stability of the System.

• There is no storage centers for money. The money is physically dispersed in the bank accounts of participants living around the world. If the international oligarchic government wants to eliminate the System MMM Indonesia by force it will have to close all the banks in the world, which will inevitably lead to a financial apocalypse.

• There is no physical storage of records. All the information is kept by the many participants and repeatedly duplicated so there is no physical bookkeeping involved. This automatically eliminates any possibility of loss or intentional destruction of records.

• There is no specifically defined channels of communication. MMM Indonesia participants communicate via Skype, ICQ, Google Talk, Yahoo IM, Mail Agent, via e-mail, by phone andof course, in person. If someone wants to destroy such a vast system of information channels it is highly impossible.

MMM Indonesia is a complete evolution of the financial relations between people. MMM Indonesia is mutual aid, trust and support! This mutual aid, trust and support never existed in any financial relations between people before. And this financial evolution will replace current unjust financial and bank systems.

MMM Indonesia is the idea of the future. A bright future that we must build ourselves with our own hands! If we are not going to do it then who will?

Together We Can Do A Lot! We Are Changing The World!

Please check Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tab of our web-site, and you will know more!